Cube Circle

Introducing the Cube Circle!

Earlier this month we launched our Cube Circle, something we’ve been building up to the whole year! We are very excited to share this exclusive community with our Cube Workspace clients and give others one more reason to join our premium workspace! So what exactly is the Cube Circle, and what does it mean for our clients?

The Cube Circle gives you access to exclusive benefits, discounts and events that will help to enhance your lifestyle and take your quality of life to the next level! One of the ways we have done this is by partnering with the companies below, to get you the following discounts and special deals. This is so that your life becomes a little better, easier and healthier:

  • Life Day Spa: 20% discount off spa packages.
  • 10% discount off bookings.
  • FitKey: 15% off monthly membership.
  • myUTOPIA: 30% off selected classes.
  • Ritual: 25% off monthly membership.
  • LeftRight Advertising: 35% off any collaborated work.
  • aramex: Discounted rate of R99.99 per parcel sent.
  • Stor-Age: First month of storage space free.
  • eOffice: Access to 200+ workspaces globally.
Cube Circle

One of our reasons for creating the Cube Circle was to get to know our clients better, and create a space where they could get to know each other better! This is why we have created our exclusive Cube events, which are aimed at bringing value to you and your growing business, providing networking opportunities and adding some fun into your lifestyle! These are made up of:

Cube Connect

Cube Connect will be hosted at each workspace, where 3-5 companies will get to present their business to other Cubers, sharing what they do and how they could benefit other companies in CubeWS. This will provide a space to network and grow your business, in a sociable environment.

Cube Cares

Cube Cares is our contribution to helping our community, and Cubers’ opportunity to give back. Various charities will be chosen to receive collected items.

Cube Talks

Cube Talks gives Cubers the opportunity to learn and hear from different industry leaders. Once a quarter, we will be bringing influential individuals to speak on various topics ranging from business insights to life coaching. We guarantee these talks will inspire!

Cube Social

Cube Social is an opportunity to wind down from the long week! With beer and gin on tap, this is the perfect space to get to know your fellow Cubers better, in a fun and sociable environment.

Now that you know a little more about what the Cube Circle is, we hope you choose to get involved with us, and continue growing the premium workspace that CubeWS is!

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